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Mango expects online turnover to reach 1 billion euros in 2021

  • The company expects to close 2020 with a turnover close to 800 million euros in the online channel

    The firm is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its online channel


    Mango is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the launch of its online channel by setting itself the target of reaching an online turnover of 1 billion euros by 2021.

    The company, which was one of the first companies in the fashion retail sector to launch e-commerce in 2000, is obtaining record sales figures in its online business. From the start of this year until October, online turnover is already more than 5% above the 564 million euros achieved in all of 2019, therefore the firm expects to close the year with a turnover of 800 million euros, which would represent a 40% increase on 2019.

    According to Elena Carasso, Mango Online and Customer Director, “reaching 1 billion euros is something we would never have imaged when we launched our e-commerce in 2000. It is a hugely ambitious target, but we are going to put all our efforts and hard work into achieving it. We have a great team of professionals and I am convinced that we will achieve it.”

    E-commerce during COVID-19

    This increase in online sales in partly due to the close to 3 million new online customers the firm has added throughout the year, 900,000 of which were added during the months of lockdown, when turnover grew by more than 50%.

    During these months, in order to strengthen its e-commerce, Mango has implemented various initiatives to accompany the growth in demand. Key among them has been the transfer of over 200,000 garments from the physical channel to the online channel to increase garment availability.

    In addition, Mango has adapted it services to the new situation caused by COVID-19. For example, it has extended the returns period to 60 days.

    At the same time, the company has invested strongly in digital marketing, increasing it by over 30% so far this year. Similarly, Mango has optimised the communications with the customers in its database, by adapting them to the profile of each customer.

    The development of Mango’s e-commerce throughout its 20-year history is a clear example of the company’s commitment to its digital transformation and to placing the customer at the centre of all its decisions.

    New projects

    In order to achieve the established targets and remain a leading company in the development of its online business, Mango is working on numerous projects, key among them the following:

    Hyper-personalisation of the customer experience: the goal is to increase the relevance of the brand by adapting the customer journey to their interests and preferences. Said hyper-personalisation runs from the awareness phase to the loyalty phase, and includes all the touchpoints: capture, direct communication through various media, browsing on online platforms, as well as the shopping experience in the physical store.

    • Use of new technologies based on artificial intelligence to improve the after-sales service. The company is also working on the development of self-service and automation tools that speed up any procedures customers wish to undertake relating to a transaction, and in this way increase their satisfaction.

    • Inclusion of Omni-channel retailing in Franchises: Mango is working to include its franchises in online operations by developing different levels of integration, thus offering omni-channel services that improve the customer experience. The scope of this covers participation in online turnover in a stores catchment area, operations using the stock of a physical store (for example the click&collect service) or total integration. Total integration consists of delegating online operations to franchisees in remote markets in which they are the sole operator in the physical stores network.

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