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Mango launches Lisa, the company’s own conversational generative AI platform

    • The platform, which will help employees and partners, will make improvements from the development of collections to the after-sales service, thus increasing the company’s digital transformation. 
    • The company also has another generative Artificial Intelligence platform of images, called Inspire, for its design team, the photography studio and technical architects, among other areas, as a result of which more than 20 garments co-created with generative AI have now been launched on the market.  
    • With regard to Artificial Intelligence, Mango has more than fifteen platforms throughout the company’s value chain in areas such as pricing and product personalisation for its customers. 


    Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is moving forward in its digital transformation with the launch of Lisa, the company’s own internal conversational generative Artificial Intelligence platform. 

    Lisa uses different models, both private and open-source and trained for the company, from which the fashion group has constructed its own conversational generative AI platform in less than nine months. The new platform has Mango’s own interface, similar to a ChatGPT interface, adapted for use by its employees and partners. 

    The implementation of generative content and conversational AI, will make improvements from the development of collections to the after-sales service, is part of the technological transformation the company is currently immersed in, which focuses on the digital transformation of the life cycle of the industry’s main information assets: customer, stores, stock and product. 

    “Generative artificial intelligence is an extended intelligence, in other words, a technology that will act as a co-pilot for our employees and stakeholders and that will help us extend our capacities, because technology will either make us more human or will be of no use”, Jordi Álex, Mango’s Director of Technology, Data, Privacy and Security.


    Co-design with generative AI

    In addition to Lisa, a year ago Mango developed Inspire, a generative AI platform of images, to help the company’s design and product team seek inspiration by viewing different concepts, in order to be able to co-create prints, fabrics, garments, etc.

    Today’s AI models offer high-quality results for various applications in fashion design, allowing it to be adopted by Mango teams. The company, which has held numerous information and training sessions with various teams, training over one hundred designers and graphic artists, now has more than twenty garments in the market that were co-created with Artificial Intelligence. 

    In addition to product design, textures and prints, Mango uses generative AI for the process of creating spaces, scenarios and images with different styles, in order to help its photography studio, window dressing, architecture and interior design teams.

    15 conventional AI platforms

    Mango started constructing machine-learning (MLE) platforms in 2018 and to date has developed more than fifteen different platforms that apply artificial intelligence in different points of its value chain, such as pricing and personalisation. The MLE platforms developed by Mango include Midas, used for its pricing policy on and in its retail store chain; Gaudí, for recommending products to its customers; and Iris, to improve customer service. Iris is present in over sixty countries and available in more than twenty languages to respond to the company’s customers. 

    The company has a Virtual Assets team, created last year to coincide with the company’s participation in the Metaverse Fashion Week, made up of approximately ten 3D, software, artificial intelligence and blockchain engineers, as well as 3D artists. Its objective is to develop digital content and projects that will allow the company to add the virtual environment to its digital and physical channels. 

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