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27 OF JUNE OF 2022
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Mango Kids grows, with over 40 store openings and an expansion plan for Teen

    • The company’s children’s line increased its sales by 60% last year compared to 2019 and is forecasting record sales figures this year, with a turnover in excess of 200 million euros.   

    • In order to achieve this, Mango Kids is planning 40 new store openings by the year end, which will bring the total number of stores worldwide to 450.  

    • It will also implement Kids Lab, a total refurbishment of the furniture and layout in stores, in order to display products in a different way and better suit the needs of its customers. The initial test was conducted in Paris and will be extended to all new store openings from September. 

    • The company will also open new stores called Mango Teen, which will be exclusively dedicated to its clothing line for adolescents. The world’s first store under this concept opened this month in Barcelona.  

    • The group expects to close this year with the opening of 11 Mango Teen stores in Spain and the opening of new stores, as well as its international expansion, during 2023.  

    Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is accelerating the roll-out of its Mango Kids business line. After closing last financial year with a growth in turnover in excess of 60% compared to 2019, the company is optimistic about the development of this business line during the current financial year, in which it is forecasting record sales and a turnover of more than 200 million euros, doubling its turnover in just two years.  

    To achieve this, the group will open more than 40 new Mango Kids stores worldwide before the year end. This will result in the company’s children’s business line having 450 stores in 80 countries worldwide by the close of the present financial year.    

    It will also implement Kids Lab, a total refurbishment of the furniture and layout in stores, in order to display products in a different way and better suit the needs of its customers, all under the recently-launched New Med store concept. This transformation will also include a refurbishment of the layout and design of the fitting rooms, with more open spaces. 

    The initial test of the Mango Kids Lab was conducted in the recently-refurbished Paris store on Boulevard Haussmann and will be extended to all new store openings from September. 

    According to Berta Moral, the Director of Mango Kids and Teen, “the transformation of our stores is part of our obligation as a company to adapt to the constant changes that occur in our industry, and to a target market with different needs to adults: children. We want to offer our customers added value in their in-store shopping experience”. 

    Launched in 2013, Mango Kids currently has more than 2,500 clothing and footwear models, with an average price of 16 euros per item. 95% of Mango Kids and Teen are under the Committed label, which includes all Mango’s environmentally-friendly items.    

    The new Mango Teen stores 

    The promotion of the Mango Kids line will be completed with the launch of Mango Teen, a new store concept dedicated exclusively to adolescents, which will allow the company to extend its sales to a new target market.  

    This month in Barcelona, specifically in the Westfield La Maquinista shopping centre, the world’s first Mango Teen store, which has a selling space of over 100 square metres.   

    This is the starting point of an expansion plan envisaged by the company, which forecasts ending the year with up to 11 Mango Teen stores in Spain.  

    Specifically, Mango will open a new Teen store in the Aragonia shopping centre (Zaragoza), in June, and another in Platja d’Aro (Girona), in July. In August, it will open another in the Westfield Glòries shopping centre (Barcelona) and from September to the year end, it will open seven new stores in cities such as Bilbao, San Sebastian, Barcelona and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.   

    In 2023, the group expects to open nine Mango Teen stores in Spain, and commence its international expansion.  

    Last year, the company installed Mango Teen pop-up stores in several Spanish cities, including Barcelona, Seville and Madrid, in order to analyse the needs of its customers, acquire learning experiences and test its public reception.  

    The positive experience of the pop-up stores has led Mango to take the next step with the creation of Mango Teen standalone stores, conceived as a leisure point for youngsters and as a meeting place where they can socialise and enjoy a unique shopping experience.  

    The Mango Teen collection, which will continue to be sold in Mango stores that have stocked it until now, comprises 800 different models, including accessories, 85% of which are aimed at the female market, with 15% aimed at the male market.   

    Mango Teen will launch a new collection aimed at the adolescent market every two weeks, in order to renew its product offer constantly and adapt to the immediacy and current needs of its customers.   

    For the design of both the new stores and the new collection, Mango has relied on the consultancy services and support of several external companies that specialise in the adolescent target and on its own internal team, which it has strengthened with the recruitment of young employees that are closer to the Teen target, in order to integrate their vision and needs perfectly.  

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