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Mango is to eliminate the use of 160 million plastic bags per year in its supply chain

  • The firm will commence this project by replacing plastic bags for paper ones in the local production of folded garments

    The firm is the first major textile company in Spain to implement this project

    This initiative is part of the commitments pledged in the Fashion Pact


    Mango is moving forward in its commitment to sustainability, one of its key strategic policies, and commencing a project to replace plastic bags in its packaging with paper bags, making it the first major company in the Spanish textile sector to do so.

    The goal of the company, in collaboration with its suppliers, is to progressively eliminate all the plastic bags it uses to distribute products throughout its supply chain. This will allow Mango to cease using approximately 160 million plastic bags per year.

    The new bags to be used are made of tissue paper, a material derived from the natural pulp of renewable sources. This paper is sourced from sustainably-managed forests, where the practices adopted for felling trees are certified as compliant with FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) international standards. This will also contribute to the circular economy, given that paper products can be recycled on average between four and six times.

    The project will initially be launched in the local production of folded garments and in the online channel, after successful pilot trials conducted by the firm in Morocco, China and Turkey. Mango plans to implement this new project for all its garments by the end of 2021.  

    According Toni Ruiz, Mango’s Chief Executive Officer, “this is a large-scale project that will have a very positive impact on the environment, given that through its implementation we will stop using approximately 160 million plastic bags a year. We are very happy to implement these types of projects that help us advance towards a more sustainable fashion, which in turn will allow us to implement the sustainable transformation of the company”.

    Fashion Pact

    The project is part of the Fashion Pact, a global coalition which aims to increase the environmental sustainability of the textile and fashion sectors, which the company signed up to in 2019. This global pact commits all its signatories to work collectively to minimise the environmental impact of the textile and fashion industry, focusing on three pillars: fighting against Climate Change, preserving Biodiversity and protecting the Oceans. In accordance with the last pillar, Mango has commenced this project in order to eliminate all plastic from its packaging.

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