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Mango celebrates 30 years of international expansion and maintains its rate of store openings in 2022

    • Mango will close 2022 with approximately 270 new stores worldwide, bringing the total store network to approximately 2,600 stores.
    • In 2022, the company has entered two new markets: Cameroon and Morocco, taking the total number of global markets to 115.
    • So far this year, Mango has evolved positively in the key regions it operates in.
    • In 1992, Mango reached a total of one hundred stores in Spain and entered the international market with two store openings in Portugal. Soon afterwards, it commenced its expansion in France.
    • Thanks to Mango's strong exporting vocation, in 1997 company turnover in international markets exceeded turnover in the domestic market for the first time.


    Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is celebrating three decades of international expansion in 2022 with a financial year characterised by an accelerated rate of development outside Spain. The company will close 2022 with approximately 270 new stores worldwide.

    Pending the definitive close of the financial year, it is forecast that by the end of 2022 Mango's store network will be made up of approximately 2,600 stores distributed across five continents. In 2022, Mango has entered two new markets: Cameroon and Morocco, in both cases markets the company is returning to.

    Present in over 115 markets thanks to a distribution ecosystem of channels and international partners, so far in 2022 Mango has evolved positively in the key regions it operates in. In Europe, Mango is committed to developing in mature markets such as France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain, while outside Europe key expansion markets include the United States, Canada and India.

    In France, one of the group’s top 5 markets, Mango aims to extend its presence in the country with the opening of more than 70 new stores in the coming years, increasing its number of stores from the 223 it had at the close of 2021 to 300 by the end of 2025. In 2022, the company has refurbished its flagship store in Paris, located on Boulevard Haussmann, and has expanded in cities such as Reims, Colmar and Orange.

    In Italy, Mango signed an agreement in October with the Italian Retail Group to transform seven franchise stores located in major train stations throughout the country into company-owned stores. Between November and December, the company is planning to open another four stores, in order to close 2022 with 80 stores in Italy. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, the forecast is to close the financial year with approximately fifty stores (after opening in Dartford; Battersea, in London; and in Eldon Square, in Newcastle, between September and December).

    In Spain, Mango will have opened more than 30 new stores by the close of 2022. In the first nine months of the year, the company opened new stores in cities such as Logroño, Leon, Fuengirola, Vigo, Santiago, Melilla, Estepona, Albacete, Telde and Platja d’Aro, and has refurbished stores in cities such as Castellon de la Plana, Badalona and Granada. With these store openings and refurbishments, Mango is gaining capillarity in the Spanish market.

    Austria, Belgium and Germany are some of the other European countries where Mango has strengthened its physical presence during 2022. Outside Europe, the United States, Canada and India are three key areas for expansion. In Canada, last July Mango signed an agreement with Fox Group to open, in an initial phase, six stores in Toronto during 2022-2023. The agreement between the two companies has a minimum duration of ten years and envisages the opening of at least twenty Mango stores in the Canadian market.

    New York has been one of the key Mango openings during 2022. Last May, the company opened a 2,100 m2 store on Fifth Avenue, an event which marked the starting point of an ambitious expansion plan in the United States. In October, Mango opened in Miami (in Lincoln Road, one of the busiest shopping streets in the country) and there are plans to open three more stores in Florida by the end of the year, bringing the total number of stores in the country to 10 stores by the close of 2022. The goal of Mango is to reach 2024 with approximately 40 stores in the United States and for the country to become one of the group's top five markets in terms of turnover.

    India is set to become the world’s third largest consumer market over the next five years, according to the forecasts of various international bodies. Alongside Myntra, its local partner in India since 2014, Mango has opened 33 stores in the country between 2021 and 2022, which will bring the total number of stores to 68 by the close of 2022, making it the Asian country in which Mango has the biggest presence.

    In Russia, Mango abandoned its direct operations last June and commenced a process of assigning its company-owned stores to its franchisees. Of the 55 company-owned stores that were operating in Russia when the war in Ukraine broke out, Mango has permanently closed 11 stores and has already assigned 17 stores, with the rest in the process of being assigned.

    International expansion of Mango

    In 2022, Mango is celebrating three decades of international expansion. Founded in 1984, Mango opened a hundred stores in Spain during the first eight years of its existence, before entering the international market in 1992 with two store openings in Portugal. France, currently one of the group’s biggest markets, was Mango’s second international destination.

    Mango first committed to the Asian continent in 1995 with store openings in Singapore and Taiwan, to which other markets would later be added, such as the Philippines (the country of origin of the group’s name), Thailand, China and India.

    In 1997, Mango opened its first store in Turkey, located in the Akmerkez shopping centre in Istanbul. That same year, thanks to the company’s strong exporting vocation, international turnover exceeded domestic turnover for the first time, and this has continued to grow so that, by the close of 2021, 79% of Mango turnover was generated outside Spain.

    Mango, which achieved a presence on all five continents in 2002 by entering Australia, has combined in its international expansion a commitment towards mature fashion markets, such as Germany, Italy and the United States, with other markets such as Aruba (where it opened its first store in the Caribbean), the Maldives, Israel and Cuba.

    With a business model based on an ecosystem of channels and partners, over the last thirty years Mango has developed close ties with international companies. In Mexico, Chile and Peru, for example, Mango has worked with El Palacio de Hierro and Falabella for more than two decades. Elsewhere, it has maintained an international alliance with the Lebanese group Azadea.

    The international expansion has been carried out by combining company-owned and franchise stores, corners in department stores and the online channel. Mango launched its online platform in 2000. By 2014, after adding twelve markets in a single year, it had reached 76 markets. At the close of 2021, Mango was selling online in 85 countries.

    Chronology of Mango’s international expansion

    1984    Mango opens its first store in Barcelona’s Passeig de Gràcia.

    1992    Mango reaches the figure of one hundred stores in Spain and commences its international expansion with the opening of two stores in Portugal.

    1995    Mango commences its international expansion into Asia with stores in Singapore and Taiwan.

    1997     For the first time, foreign turnover exceeds domestic turnover.

    2002    Mango enters China for the first time.

    2002    With its entry in Australia, the chain is now present in all five continents.

    2006    Mango enters the United States.

    2014    The expansion of e-commerce, which was launched in 2000: incorporation of twelve new countries, with online selling now available in 76 countries.

    2017     Opening of the Restauradores (Lisbon) and SoHo (New York) flagship stores.

    2018    Expansion in the Middle East. Opening of the first stores in Kenya and Laos.

    2021    Mango launches its new concept of Mediterranean store in Dusseldorf (Germany).

    2022    Mango returns to Morocco and refurbishes its Paris flagship store.

    2022    Mango opens in New York’s Fifth Avenue.

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Mango, one of Europe's leading fashion groups, is a global company with design and creativity at the heart of its model and a strategy based on constant innovation, the pursuit of sustainability and a complete ecosystem of channels and partners. Founded in Barcelona in 1984, the company closed 2023 with a turnover of 3.1 billion euros, with 33% of its business coming from the online channel, and a presence in more than 115 markets. More information at

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