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31 OF MAY OF 2023
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Mango increases its presence in Italy with fifteen new store openings in 2023, giving it a total of 90 stores in the country

    • The company is expanding its brand in the north of the country with store openings in cities including Bologna, Milan, Turin, Brescia, Busnago and Lonato del Garda, in addition to other cities such as Rome, Florence, Palermo and Reggio Calabria.
    • Mango will also refurbish its stores in the train stations of Turin and Venice and the store on Via Torino in Milan to roll out its New Med store concept.
    • Mango closed 2022 with 78 stores in Italy and has an e-commerce business through its own online channel and other marketplaces. 

    Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is continuing its expansion plan in Italy with fifteen new store openings in 2023, bringing the total number of stores in the country to over 90 by the year end. The expansion focuses on the north of the country, with new stores in cities including Bologna, Turin, Brescia and Lonato, as well as in major cities such as Rome, Milan, Florence and Palermo. The company is also planning to refurbish several stores to roll out its New Med store concept, present in the brand’s main flagship stores around the world.

    “The opening and refurbishment of these stores is part of the expansion plan we are implementing in order to consolidate our brand in the country. Italy is a key market for Mango and one of the most important fashion markets in the world and we want to have a major presence in it”, Daniel López, Mango’s Director of Expansion and Franchises, points out.

    Key openings this year include the new stores in the Forum Palermo shopping centre (Palermo) and in the historic quarter of Florence. The company also plans to open new stores in shopping centres in Rome, Milan, Lonato del Garda, Busnago and Taranto, and in cities such as Crotone (Calabria).

    Mango commenced the planned store openings in Italy for this year in March, with the opening of a new store in the centre of Bologna. The store, which marks the company’s return to the city, has a selling space of nearly 600 m2 and stocks products from the Woman and Kids lines. The company has also opened new stores in the shopping centres Turín To Dream (Turin), Grandapulia (Foggia), Elnos (Brescia) and in the city Reggio Calabria. 

    In addition to the new store openings, this year Mango will refurbish three stores in order to roll out its new Mediterranean-inspired retail concept, New Med. Specifically, the company will refurbish its stores in the train stations of Turin and Venice, as well as the store on Via Torino, in Milan. 

    The New Med concept aims to reflect the spirit and freshness of the brand. Sustainability and architectural integration are key in this new design, which conceives the Mango store as a Mediterranean home with different rooms in which warm tones and neutral colours predominate, combined with traditional, artisanal, sustainable and natural materials, such as ceramic, tuff, wood, marble, sparto grass and leather.


    Mango in Italy

    Mango has been present in Italy since 2001. At the close of 2022, the company had 78 stores in the country, including company-owned stores, franchises and corners in department stores, as well as an online presence through its own online channel and other marketplaces. 

    Throughout 2022, Mango opened eight new stores, bringing the total number in the country to almost 80 stores, combining its presence in the main shopping centres with stand-alone stores.  

    Key store openings last year include the stores located in the Romaest shopping centres, in Rome, with over 700 square metres of selling space, Puntadiferro en Forli, in the Emilia-Romagna region, and Città dei Templi in Agrigento (Sicily); as well as the store in the pedestrianised Ceccarini street in Riccione (Rimini).

    Mango has also signed an agreement with Retail Group, a company belonging to the Italian Grandi Stazioni Retail group, which operates more than 30 stores in the major train stations in Italy, in order to absorb seven Mango stores that were previously franchises. 

    Specifically, the absorbed stores are located in the train stations of Turin, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome Termini and Rome Tiburtina and Naples, through which millions of passengers pass every year. These stores exclusively stock the Woman line and have selling spaces of between 150 and 350 square metres, according to the size of the city and the passenger traffic in the station. 

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