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06 OF JULY OF 2022
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Mango commits to Canada with six openings in Toronto until 2023

    • Mango has signed an agreement with Fox Group to increase its presence in the Canadian market.
    • Mango’s expansion in Canada reinforces the company’s commitment to North America, complemented by an ambitious and ongoing expansion plan in the United States.
    • The company will open the first stores in Canada in 2022 and a minimum of at least 20 new stores in the next ten years as a condition for extending the agreement with Fox Group.
    • Mango currently has close to fifty points of sale in the country in Hudson Bay department stores, as well as a growing online activity.


    Mango, one of Europe’s leading fashion groups, is committing to Canada as part of its expansion in North America. The company has drawn up a development plan that will allow it to expand its distribution ecosystem in the country, by combining stores in prime shopping streets and shopping malls with points of sale in department stores and a growing business on the online channel.

    The company has signed an agreement with Fox Group to open as a first stage six stores in Toronto during 2022-2023. The agreement between the two companies, which will last for at least a decade, contemplates the opening of at least twenty new Mango stores in Canada during the next ten years in order to extend it for additional term of 10 years.

    Fox Group is a leading retail group that specialises in the retail management of international brands, with around one thousand stores worldwide. The agreement with the Fox Group, which is listed on the Israeli stock market Tase (Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange), is part of the Mango ecosystem of partners, which is constantly looking for the best local partner in order to adapt to the requirements and characteristics of each market. Fox Group is Mango’s partner in Israel, where it manages 47 of the group’s stores.

    The agreement signed with Fox Group is in addition to Mango's presence in Canada through Hudson Bay, the country’s largest chain of department stores. The company began its alliance with Hudson Bay in 2019 and currently has close to fifty points of sale in the country’s largest chain of department stores.

    In the online channel, Mango combines the distribution through its own website ( with a presence on the online platform of Hudson Bay.

    Mango’s expansion plan in Canada is part of the company’s commitment to grow in North America. Last May, the company started an ambitious expansion plan in the United States with the opening of a flagship store located at 711 Fifth Avenue in New York.

    Mango plans to open more than thirty new stores in the next three years in the United States, especially in the south of the country, to bring the total to approximately 40 stores by 2024, combining its physical presence in shopping centres with standalone stores.

    During the first phase of the plan, Mango has sought to extend its presence in New York City (both in Manhattan and in surrounding areas), where it currently has five stores. In a second phase, Mango will focus on the state of Florida, where it plans to open between four and five stores in 2022 and 2023 in cities such as Miami, Boca Raton, Orlando and Tampa.

    Specifically in Miami, the company will open by the end of the year a new store in Lincoln Road, one of the busiest shopping streets in the country. The company will also open two stores in the Aventura Mall and Miami International Mall shopping centres.

    In the third phase, which will commence in 2023, the company will continue to expand towards the west with the opening of new stores in Georgia (Atlanta), Arizona (in cities such as Phoenix and Tucson), Texas (Houston and Dallas), Nevada (Las Vegas) and California, where the target cities for the group include Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose.

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