We are joining forces with Save the Children, the leading international NGO in defence of children’s rights, and Alexia Putellas, the world’s best female footballer, to promote education and sport among children and women in Bangladesh through the Goals project.

This initiative aims to promote access to education and sport through the construction of four children’s schools and the promotion of leisure and educational activities. Sport is the core element of the programme, which is why Save the Children will carry out open air activities and local games at the schools.

  • 0 Years is the duration of the Goals project in Bangladesh
  • +0 Number of people who will benefit from this initiative
  • 0% Percentage of participants in the project who are girls and women

Alexia Putellas, Mango Ambassador

Alexia Putellas, a global icon of women's football, is the ambassador of the Goals project. Alexia has actively participated in the conceptualisation and design of the project, highlighting the role of sport as a lever of change in society.
Together with Mango, the footballer has co-designed a solidarity t-shirt, with the message Girls should play with dolls whatever they want to. All profits from its sale will be donated to Save the Children to implement the second phase of the Goals project at a later date in Turkey. The t-shirt is available on our website: shop.mango.com