We are joining forces with Manu San Félix, the marine biologist and National Geographic explorer, and Asociación Vellmarí to protect and restore the Mediterranean sea through the Declaration for the Mediterranean project. The aim of this initiative is to promote the recovery of the Mediterranean sea through the creation of protected marine zones.

Manu San Félix

Manu San Félix is an acclaimed marine biologist and National Geographic explorer who has dedicated his life to researching and protecting nature. In 1981, when diving in the Mediterranean for the first time, he discovered posidonia (neptune grass) and was amazed by this unique plant. From this moment, he moved his residence to Formentera to help protect and conserve the Mediterranean sea.

From the sea, for the sea

To celebrate World Ocean Day, we are launching a solidarity capsule collection made up of a t-shirt and trousers, the profits from which will be donated to Asociación Vellmarí, an organisation founded and led by San Félix which aims to promote various marine conservation projects that include innovation, research, marine education and raising awareness. 

Under the slogan From the sea, for the sea, the solidarity t-shirt and trousers are available in selected stores in Spain, the United States, Croatia and Greece, and via Mango.com in Spain.

Designed in Barcelona and manufactured in Morocco, the t-shirt and the trousers are made from seaweed and wood cellulose blended with cotton. The collection has been developed in collaboration with PYRATEX®, the Spanish textile supplier that specialises in innovative fabrics.