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Mango launches “Family portraits”, its new autumn/winter 2021 campaign  

  • The brand presents its new collection through real families and their stories


    One of the core values of Mango is creating community, being together and sharing moments with loved ones. In this new campaign, the firm aims to show this through some very special protagonists: real families. Each one and their members tell their story, revealing intimate moments between them and with the other groups, moments in which they celebrate the power and beauty of the differences that make them unique.

    The seven families that feature in this campaign come together at a meeting in pure Mediterranean style. The García family is made up of three generations: Devyn, her mother and her grandmother. The Clark siblings (Bronte, Carter and Darcy) appear with their mother, Caroline Barton. The Dia family is made up of the brothers Alpha and Ousseynou and their grandmother Birane. Other protagonists include the Chabernauds, with Clément as the head of the family, accompanied by his brother and his father. There are also two couples, the one made up of Gigi Ringel and Eeva Lioni, and the one made up of Julia Bergshoeff and Camille Tanoh. Finally, the sisters Ashley Radjarame and Shirley Radjarame make up the last family in this campaign.

    Couples, grandmothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, friends… all of them make up families that are unique and different in every aspect. And it is these differences that make them special, as groups but also as individuals.

    The new Mango collection for this Autumn/Winter 2021 season presents different proposals, so that each person can find the garments that suit them and their style best.

    Highlights include jackets and knitwear garments for women, men and children, as well as neutral colours, beige, black and white, with an elegant yet casual style, which is relaxed further by combining them with denim pieces. For women, suit jackets in different forms, such as tweed or leather, or timeless designs, take centre stage. The star accessories are boots, leather loafers and maxi bags. For men, sweatshirts have taken over from sweaters as the essential upper garments, while sneakers are a must in every look.

    In order to strengthen Mango’s commitment to sustainability, for this campaign we will be using more sustainable advertising banners the first time, which will be displayed in Madrid and Barcelona. This is a PVC-free banner, with a lower environmental impact in the recycling process. What’s more, in their installation Pureti film will be used, a product which, on contact, purifies the contaminated air in cities, while also reducing indirect greenhouse gases (NOx and SOx) and the particles that cause smog in the atmosphere, in order to improve the air quality. 

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