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24 OF APRIL OF 2020

Mango advances in the circular economy and launches the first second chances garments

  • The Second Chances project has managed to collect more than 32 tonnes of garments through collection points in Mango stores


    Mango has launched the first capsule collection based on the circular economy, featuring recycled fibres that match the quantity of garments collected in its stores through the Second Chances project. These garments have a lower environmental impact and are made of 20% recycled fibres and 80% sustainable cotton.

    In 2016 Mango launched the Second Chances project, through which it has collected over 32 tonnes of garments, through 420 containers distributed in all Mango stores in Spain, as well as stores in France, Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom.

    This circular economy project is carried out in collaboration with Koopera, a cooperative association promoted by Cáritas which helps promote a social and sustainable economy, as well as creating jobs and job placement services. The garments collected are classified in order to give them a second life and, depending on their condition, can be converted into yarn, recycled for alternative uses such as sofa stuffing, or burned in order to generate energy.

    For these garments (two from the Man and two from the Woman collection) Mango has used 6 tonnes of reclaimed cotton fabric which it has recycled and rewoven, in order to minimise textile waste and environmental impact. Furthermore, the process it has employed to dye the fabrics has made it possible to save 85% of water.

    Mango continues to advance towards a more sustainable fashion and in the next few years aims to implement an ambitious plan that will fulfil one of its strategic policies: the sustainable transformation of the company. The fashion multinational has established as one of its key aims to increase the proportion of sustainable fibres used in its collections and has therefore set itself the following targets: to use 100% sustainable cotton in its garments by 2025, to increase the use recycled polyester in its garments to 50% by 2025 and by 2030, to use 100% controlled-origin cellulose fibres. This is a very important milestone, since it will help improve the traceability of the materials used for Mango collections.

    Mango is committed to continuing this initiative and each year will launch a collection featuring recycled fibres that matches the quantity of garments collected in its Second Chances containers, used for garment recycling, in order to promote good practices and a model of circular economy.

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